About Jill Marie

Jill Marie has been working with, training, and advocating for dogs  since 1987; fourteen years were spent as Director of Behavior and  Training Services for spcaLA. During her tenure with spcaLA, she  supervised the creation and ongoing development of that agency's first  Animal Behavior and Training Department since its inception in 1877.  Additionally, while there, she worked on a variety of programs that  included, but not limited to: -Kal-Kan Bite Prevention and Feral Dog  Safety program; a program designed to educate inner-city youth on bite  prevention and feral dog safety.  -Teaching Love and Compassion (TLC)  program for at-risk youth -The Standards Program which included both a  Canine Behavior Assessment used for the evaluation of the shelter dogs,  as well as a comprehensive behavior rehab component.   -H.E.A.L.  (Helping Enhance Animals Lives); Jill Marie designed this program as a  volunteer training, staff safety, and canine enrichment program. Over  the years, she's gained extensive knowledge and experience through her  participation in agility, tracking, Animal Assisted Therapy, pet dog  training, Schutzhund/IPO training, canine behavior assessments, canine  behavior rehabilitation along with professional detection dog training  and handling. ​ As Co-Founder of National Association of Canine Scent  Work, LLC® (NACSW™) she is involved in both the competitive sport and  activity of K9 Nose Work®. Through the NACSW(™) K9 Nose Work® Instructor  Education and Certification program she has dedicated the majority of  her time to continuing the development and growth of the K9 Nose Work®  style of training; both as a tool develop teams for competition in a  variety of trialing venues and as an activity to facilitate the  behavioral well-being of our canine companions. ​ Jill Marie is  currently developing the K9 Nose Work® Shelter’ project. This project  aims to enhance the lives of shelter dogs around the world through the  use of the simple yet profound K9 Nose Work® methodology; through  capacity building and knowledge sharing this undertaking will establish  K9 Nose Work® as an inexpensive and powerful enrichment tool that any  shelter could implement and sustain. Additionally, the project will  focus on the use of K9 Nose Work® to benefit special needs canines in a  variety of settings. ​Her training philosophy is one of building strong  working relationships and bonds between dogs and their handlers using  positive, fun, and motivational techniques. She is a strong advocate of  ongoing education and the development of evidence based skills and  programs. Not only has she attended many educational conferences and  courses, she has organized and facilitated educational events featuring  some of the most sought-after lecturers and behavior experts in the  world. Jill Marie has been a member of the Association of Professional  Dog Trainers (APDT) since 1997 and she has been a Certified Professional  Dog Training (CPDT-KA) through the CCPDT since 2008. In 2011, she was  voted onto the APDT Board of Trustees. She has held the office of  Secretary, Vice-Chair 2013, 2015 & 2016, and was selected as Chair  of the Board for 2014 term. She will been finishing up her board service  at the end of 2017. Additionally, she served as President of the APDT  Foundation 2013 & 2014. ​Jill Marie and her dog Beckett (RIP), CGC,  L1I, CLASS-MA were a nationally certified Narcotics Detection Team and  took 1st place in the novice division at the Oxnard Police K9 Inaugural  Trial, 2009. She was a long-time agility enthusiast and competed and trained in agility starting 1990. In addition to her work with  Beckett, Jill Marie and her dogs have earned many training titles and  have competed at the USDAA's Grand Prix of Dog Agility. Her other K9  partners, both Belgian Malinois, are Grip, ORT-BAC and Raven, ORT-BAC,  NW1, CLASS-BA. She shares her life with her son Aedan and husband Jim  who she thanks everyday for their support in her endeavors.